Book Review – Dakiti (Ziva Payvan Book One) by EJ Fisch

Check out this wonderful Dakiti review from Action Girl Books, based in Manchester, UK! Invested readers who take time to leave in-depth reviews that address not only the pros but also the cons of a story are seriously a Godsend. Waking up to this review was a great way to start my Monday 🙂

Action Girl Books

Dakiti - EJ Fisch

Dakiti – Ziva Payvan Book One

By EJ Fisch

I came across this book during a random Twitter search and – given my soft spot for action heroines and science fiction – downloaded a sample. That pulled me in and the full book soon followed it to my Kindle.

A brief summary of the plot (minor spoilers for the early chapters):

Set in faraway star systems in (presumably) the distant future, Dakiti is the first title in a series of novels featuring Ziva Payvan: a cold-blooded, no-nonsense special forces operative. Not the nicest person in the galaxy, but if a dangerous assignment needs to be completed or someone has to be eliminated with no questions asked, she’s the go-to woman. If Jack Bauer (from 24) was an alien female with red eyes, he’d probably be Ziva Payvan.

Payvan is (in)famous among her fellow agents at the Haphezian Special Police…

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