RONAN…and What Comes Next


This announcement is a couple of days late. Remember all those shoes hobbies I mentioned in my last post? I’ve been bogged down with some of those – the ones that lean more toward obligations – and haven’t had time to sit down and draft a new post. I’ll confess that this blog tends to get neglected/forgotten when it comes to social media blitzes, too.

But no matter. Now that the Release Day dust has settled, I can kinda breathe again. RONAN: ZIVA PAYVAN BOOK 3 is HERE, and I couldn’t be more excited. And relieved. This thing was a beast, and it’s a story that has slowly been building up in my head for a couple of years so it’s almost liberating to finally get it out.

Wow, I kinda sound like a crazy person. Oh wait…

Anyway, Ronan is currently available for purchase in both Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon, and you can also get the paperback through the CreateSpace eStore. Dakiti and Nexus paperbacks are both available through Barnes & Noble, so I’m guessing Ronan will be sometime too (though I never got the memo when the others became available so your guess is as good as mine regarding when that will be). Amazon does tend to mark the price down from the list price, but I’ve had international buyers tell me they’ve had better luck buying paperbacks from CreateSpace because the overseas shipping ends up being cheaper.

Get your copy of Ronan today by visiting one of the following sites:

amazon  Buy_from_Createspace

And if you’ve already grabbed the book (and the other two, for that matter), would you consider writing a review if you haven’t already? I cannot emphasize enough how important reviews are for authors, especially indies like myself. Most of us don’t have publicists and marketing departments, so aside from our own limited resources, we have to rely strictly on word of mouth to get our books out there. Honest reviews help potential readers make informed decisions about their buying options and help the books reach their target audience. You can review any time on Amazon or Goodreads.

Here’s a quick peek of what people are already saying about Ronan:

“RONAN is Fisch’s most ambitious book to date, and it doesn’t disappoint. Take all the mysteries of DAKITI and the character development of NEXUS and add in an interstellar war and a resistance movement that wants to upend entire civilizations, and you have a sweeping thriller-turned-space opera on a scale we haven’t seen before in this series.” 

 “As with Fisch’s previous books, the story is fast-paced and action-packed, but it’s the characters and the relationships between them that make the series great. Several familiar faces return to this story, but the new characters introduced were some of my favorites. The relationship between Ziva and Aroska is, of course, as complicated as ever, with each one being forced to trust the other more and more as secrets are revealed and vulnerabilities exposed.”

“A great mix of action, emotion, suspense, and personal growth.”

“The most entertaining and impactful of the series so far, Ronan is a highly recommended read.”

Now, regardless of whether you’ve read Ronan, you’re probably wondering what I’m going to do next. I’m going to keep writing – there’s no question about it – but I’m not sure what my schedule is going to be like in upcoming months (I say that even though I managed to cram Ronan while going to school full time). I’ll be perfectly honest…I currently hate the idea of starting a story outline from scratch. I feel like that’s the hardest, most frustrating part of the entire writing process. And fear is also a little bit of a factor. Objectively speaking, I think Ronan is a good book. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Nexus, too. I know my writing has improved even over the past year. But I start getting these “what-if” scenarios in my head and I wonder if the things I write from now on will be sub-par after the massive build-up in the Ziva Payvan series. Will each new book be a new peak, or will I start to plateau? I think this is probably something that just about every writer deals with at some point.

As I said, I’m going to keep writing. I have way too many ideas in my head, and I’m not kidding when I say I feel like I’m going crazy when I don’t get a chance to get them out. The trick is just to start back up again. I was thinking about this the other day and likened it to swinging on a swing set. If you want to swing, you can’t just sit there. You’ve either got to push off the ground or start pumping, and then you’ve got to keep pumping (or Just Do It) in order to get higher. This has always been an issue for me; I sit around whining about not making any progress, even though I know if I’d just START writing, I could really take off and get a lot of work done.

notes-514998_640I currently have two separate Big Vague Ideas for plots and a bunch of Little Specific Ideas that I may or may not be able to actually work into them. I want to start by writing out several of those, almost like little one-shots. That’s actually how a few different chapters in both Nexus and Ronan came about, and I was able to work them into the bigger stories. That should get me started, and I’ll stop and see if any of those one-shots actually fit together the way they seem to in my head. I keep reminding myself that anything I write from here on out doesn’t have to be as long as Nexus or Ronan – they were both monsters and pretty much exhausted me.

Readers have also expressed interest in a short story starring Nexus’s Kat Reilly, and I’d love to oblige. There are a few other minor characters whose stories I’d like to tell. Speaking from experience though, I’m terrible at writing short stories. They end up being full-length novels. Oops.

In other non-Ronan-related news, I’ll be attending a book signing at the end of the month 🙂 Yes, it’s my first. It’s a 2-day event hosted by our local used book trader, aka the only bookstore in town besides Walmart and Fred Meyer since our Borders closed. There will be 8 to 10 local authors there; the store actually already carries some of our books (including Dakiti) so it will be fun to put faces to names. I’m pretty much set already. I’ve got my framed posters, stands with which to display said posters, bookmarks, business cards, and all my books are on the way. I was actually invited to this signing last year when I just had Dakiti but something got screwed up with the shipping and the books didn’t get here in time. That was a bummer, but we’ll see if I can’t turn things around this year!

Okay. The following information is only for those of you who have already completed Ronan (unless you want to have the book spoiled for you). There are some things I’d like to address, and I’m sure they’re things you all are curious about. Highlight the “redacted” lines below at your own risk.

So. You’re all probably wondering if this is the end of the Ziva Payvan series. My answer is that you’ll pry these characters from my cold, dead fingers. You’ve heard that phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Well, I’ll stop writing these characters when they’re dead. You know those two Big Vague Plot Ideas I mentioned? One of those is for the continuation of the series (a couple of you have caught me and noticed I haven’t been calling this a “trilogy”). But for now, I’m just calling this a “continuation” because I’m not sure if it will be “Ziva Payvan Book Four” or “A Ziva Payvan Novel.” You catch my drift? It will follow the linear storyline but possibly not be part of the main series. But it will. I kind of don’t know how to explain it. But oh who am I kidding? It will probably end up being Book Four anyway.

When planning the ending of Ronan, I wanted to set it up so it could potentially be THE end while still being open enough that I could continue the story sometime. I’m sure there will be some people out there who are disappointed with the ending (all the Ariva shippers can go write some fanfiction 😉 ) but it was important to remember what was appropriate for the characters. I’ve obviously created a few constraints for myself now that I’ll have to take into consideration while continuing the stories, but I think that sets us up for some interesting scenarios! While writing the ending, I stopped and asked myself what all could happen afterwards, and that’s where most of those Little Specific Ideas come into play. I need to see if I can sort them all into some kind of coherent order, and I’m looking forward to doing so.

I seriously want to thank everyone who has followed me on this journey so far. It’s been an incredible adventure, and I obviously couldn’t do it without my readers. You’re all awesome ❤

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